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Upcoming Events

July Events

Masterclass on Cyber-Physical Systems Design
23 - 24 July 2018

We are currently in Industry 3.0 where robotics and motion control are employed in automating tasks in manufacturing. The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, takes it a step further by introducing technologies such as cyber-physical systems and data analytics to create a revolutionary approach to manufacturing.

This masterclass covers cyber-physical systems deeply. Day 1 is delivered by Prof Chakraborty and it starts with the basic principles of control systems design. This is followed by emerging trends in distributed computation and communication platforms used for implementing control algorithms. Lastly, principles of cyber-physical systems design are studied. RACE will deliver Day 2, where students will gain hands-on experience in implementing a cyber-physical system using collaborative robots.

Visit https://raceacademy.com.sg for more information

Empowering Consumer's Choice in Electrical Products

Event Details

24 July 2018


9am - 2pm


SGX Auditorium, Level 2,

SGX  Centre 1,

2 Shenton Way, Singapore 068804

Please register here : https://goo.gl/forM5IogcOvE1ZICzDr2  

August Events

Cobot Appreciation by PBA-Hanwha Robotics 



Collaborative Robots (i.e. Cobots) are designed to work alongside with humans seamlessly, to automate processes and improve efficiency. In this course, participants will learn more in-depth about Industry 4.0, its compositions (e.g. automation, IoT, data analytics, artificial intelligence) and components (e.g. robots, motors, controllers, drivers, network), nature and strengths/weaknesses of each technology/application. Participants gain first-hand experience on how cobots can be deployed in the work environment easily through hands-on sessions and case studies.

Companies interested to adopt robotics and automation technologies into their current business processes. Course is free for a limited time only. Seats are filling up fast.

Email us with your details at contact@pba-hanwha.com to sign up now.

Event Details
Date 3 & 24 August 2018 (Friday)
Time Full Day

RACE Training Centre

SME Infocomm Commerce Conference and SME Expo (SMEICC) 2018


Event Details
Date 15  - 16 Aug  2018
Time 815am to 5pm

Exhibition Hall 404-406 Suntec Singapore 


September Events